Saturday, 5 December 2009

Cloud Climber Tours - Cycle Undiscovered Taiwan

Cloud Climber Tours are a group of riders who are passionate about cycling around Northern Taiwan's undiscovered hills and valleys. Also as you may have gathered from our name, we love climbing mountains. We are now ready to share all the secret routes with fellow enthusiastic cyclists - be them road or mountain bikers.

Marty is our founder and inspiration as his passion for the views, and feelings when you ride these exquisite routes is always spirited.


Nathan is a contributor and route adviser, who as an avid cyclist has joined us with enthusiasm and energy.

David is another inspiration to our team as his eccentric approach and knowledge around the mountains is essential.

An example of a ride that will overwhelm your senses and create a lasting impression in your memory is linked here.
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Sanzhi - Shimen - Jinsan - North Coast Hwy Return

And the following are a selection of photos from extra special rides which vary in difficulty from:

Easy Routes (traditionally around 50-75km or less) of mostly-flat-riverside-based rides. Beautiful routes for everyone to enjoy (which are aimed at riders who are newer or who may like a more relaxing ride) that may include some smaller rolling hill type climbs, but nothing too serious.

Medium Routes (around 80-100km or less) rides that include lower-sloped mountain passes with rice paddy fields, stepped fields, temples and other stunning Taiwanese landmarks such as the North Coast scenic road.

Expert Route rides are 100kmplus and are our specialty, that include all the major peaks around Northern Taiwan, Yangminshan, Datun Shan, Feng Guei Suei, as well as the lower sloped (GuanYinshan) but equally stunningly beautiful (and sometimes very challenging & steep) foothill climbs. For the serious rider, we can also arrange epic 8-hour long rides of 160km+ that include Wulai, Pinglin, Pingxi and beyond to Toucheng and Ilan...naturally 160km includes the return ride too as we like to enjoy the rides as much as possible. Please click on the Garmin link here to see maps, elevations etc:

Welcome to Cloud-Climber Tours. We can tailor-make our routes to suit our valued customers' needs - if the above selection doesn't suit your desired expectation or capability.

Overview: We target enthusiastic road bike riders/mountain bikers who plan on holidaying in or around Taipei city. Also corporate businessmen who'd like to take a break for a day. We have facilities to provide you with a very decent rental road-bike (with advanced booking and receiving your cycling measurements), we can have a bicycle(normally a Giant TCR or similar) fitted to your size waiting for you. Average size of a ride-group would be minimum of 4-6 riders per group.

We specialize is one-day tours, out and back, looped rides, and also training tips. Safety is our priority as well as ensuring the customer returns home with unforgettable memories of cycling around beautiful Northern Taiwan.

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